Other Languages

For demonstration purposes, we offer a limited selection of searchable texts in English and Greek. We hope to increase these corpora beyond a few examples by the end of the 2012-2013 academic year. In the meanwhile, please be advised that these searches are still experimental and may take significantly longer than those in the better-prepared Latin corpus.

If you have a project in English, Greek, or another language for which Tesserae might be appropriate, and you're interested in marking up your texts in our format, please get in touch. We would love to expand our repertory of available search material.


In addition to the caveats above, it should be noted that Greek texts are currently stored in Beta Code, as this is the format of Perseus' digital texts. While results should be displayed in proper Unicode text, aspects of the search may still be affected. We are working to move to fully Unicode-encoded texts.


We are still developing ways to divide these texts into searchable units. During this process, the Target menu in particular may offer you texts which in practice you should not try to search. Choosing large texts (i.e. full works) as both Target and Source makes for very long searches, and your browser or our server will likely time out before the results are returned. We will do our best to provide chapter-sized texts for the "Target" menu; but in the mean time we must ask you to use your own judgement and be patient.