Other Search Tools

Here you can try out some searches we're still testing. We would appreciate any feedback you have. Caution: results may not be very stable.

Multi-text search

Cross-references discovered parallels against the rest of the corpus.

Latin-Greek search

This feature attempts to match Latin targets to Greek sources, using two different experimental methods.

LSA Search Tool

Search for thematic similarities even where phrases have no words in common.

Tri-gram Visualizer

Customizable, color-coded visualization of 3-gram concentrations.

Full-Text Display

Displays the full text of the poems with references highlighted in red.

Lucan-Vergil Benchmark Test

Allows you to perform a search of Lucan's Pharsalia Book 1 against Vergil's Aeneid, and compares the results against our 3000-parallel benchmark set.

Greek-Latin dictionary diagnostic tool

Compares the two translation feature sets against the lexicon for a given Greek text, shows purported translations for those Greek stems that have them in either feature set.